SIA Surveillance & Intelligence Alliance


Expatriate and Employee safety and awareness training

We provide Country Specific awareness presentations and lectures to employees and expatriates

The training sessions are designed to either be introduced in a classroom or boardroom environment or at a more personal level at employee’s residence to include the whole family.

Material is usually integrated into the client’s Crisis Management Plan and address aspects like personnel evacuation operations (PEO)

HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)

The training program is designed to address and develop the awareness of clients’ key top executives operating in Africa and the Middle East as part of their corporate responsibility and duty of care towards their leaders travelling around Africa and the Middle East.

This program is targeted at executive and senior managers who due to the nature of their work travel to potential hostile and austere locations.

The SIA program assists in saving lives. Our unique and practical learning methods enable people to work and travel safer, with increased awareness despite challenging environments. The training is designed towards specific issues and challenges faced by staff travelling and working throughout Africa and the Middle East.

The focus in each individual course is on the delegates. We realize that we have to understand what is important to them, listen to their problems, and have appreciation for the issues they encounter while travelling and working in the field. All delegates are treated as fellow professionals and we encourage input from both delegates and trainer alike to benefit from the collective experience in assessing risk and provide problem solving.

The training is highly challenging, interesting, interactive and practical, yet conducive to learning. All exercises are designed to be enjoyable, but instill a strong sense of risk awareness.

SIA ensures that all training is delivered with sensitivity and cultural awareness – we have trained delegates across Africa and the Middle East. Our facilitators are adept at delivering with flexibility dependant on the audience, even through interpreters if required.

The SIA training facility utilized in South Africa is located in the Waterberg Mountains at a private game lodge, a mere 200km from Pretoria.

The area is Malaria free and the accommodation offered is top class. The training facility can accommodate live fire exercises and simulation/scenario exercises.

The facility is fully equipped with accommodation, lecture room as well as vehicles and large areas of ground in which to train.

Advanced Intelligence and Surveillance training

SIA / UNDISOL / SSG Training Division is able to provide the most comprehensive intelligence and surveillance training for Government Agencies using the most robust and operationally proven tactics. Each program is tailored in accordance with an in depth training needs analysis in line with our client’s operational requirements. The training needs analysis will establish the EEIs (Essential Elements of Information) required to develop the doctrine required by our clients.