SIA Surveillance & Intelligence Alliance

About SIA

Our lives are changing at an unprecedented pace. Transformational shifts in our economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological systems offer unparalleled opportunities, but the interconnections among them also imply enhanced systemic risks. Stakeholders from across business, government and civil society face an evolving imperative in understanding and managing emerging global risks which, by definition, respect no national boundaries

SIA was formed with the main goal of establishing a Corporate Intelligence Support service to Clients with Global operations, often (in a hostile environment) allowing members to combine resources and Information.

We do not offer services such as Guarding and similar activities. Our core business is and will always be specific Intelligence Solutions.

SIA and Partners are able to provide your company with a comprehensive Business Risk and Intelligence service based on proven methodologies and Intelligence processes.

The main purpose is to understand and analyze risks and implement sound risk mitigating strategies to minimize threats to our clients.

The alliance is bound by the laws of the countries we are involved in, and any operation beyond the scope of such laws local and international will be regarded as illegal. 

Information and resources are combined only to combat threats and offer Intelligence Management solutions.

An Intelligence database; Prominent Anomaly and Sector Tracking (PAST) were developed to capture all information collected and shared by members, enabling us to construct Risk-maps, Intelligence reports, and Intelligence analysis.

Real-time tracking, data and analysis on:

Militant and Extremist movements

Conflict, Riots, Protests and Violence against Civilians

Transnational and Organized Crime

Political Trends

Risk Events

This database and application is automatically implemented at no cost to all our clients

We offer the following services

Investigative Services / International

Risk Mitigation & Management

Travel Risk Management

Protective Security Management

Convoy Protection

PSD/Close Protection

Surveillance Teams and Operational Support

Mobile and Static Protection

K&R Consultancy and Response

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Intelligence Operations

SIA Intelligence Fusion Center

It is no surprise that one of the most effective ways to resolve and more importantly prevent threats becoming incidents is through the timely and efficient collection, analysis and dissemination of properly vetted information to personnel.  While this concept may at first seem simple and intuitive, its success relies on, among other things, a complex set of relationships of information sharing entities.

SIA established an Intelligence Fusion Center with the purpose of monitoring risk fault lines and triggers that could have an impact on client operations and personnel. 

The focus of our Fusion Center and Information collection efforts is to identify threats and act accordingly to prevent harm to business, assets, and personnel

The Fusion Centre is the heart of our business as all tasking, reports, Intelligence briefs and information sharing starts at the collection phase and analysis of such information