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Economic Risks Risks in the economic category include fiscal and liquidity crises, failure of a major financial mechanism or institution, oil-price shocks, chronic unemployment and failure of physical infrastructure on which economic activity depends. 

Environmental Risks Risks in the environmental category include both natural disasters, such as earthquakes and geomagnetic storms, and man-made risks such as collapsing ecosystems, freshwater shortages, nuclear accidents and failure to mitigate or adapt to climate change. 

Geopolitical Risks The geopolitical category covers the areas of politics, diplomacy, conflict, crime and global governance. These risks range from terrorism, disputes over resources and war to governance being undermined by corruption, organized crime and illicit trade.

Societal Risks The societal category captures risks related to social stability such as severe income disparities, food crises and dysfunctional cities and public health, such as pandemics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the rising burden of chronic disease.

Technological Risks The technological category covers major risks related to the growing centrality of information and communication technologies to individuals, businesses and governments. These include cyber attacks, infrastructure disruptions and data loss.

SIA provides Country Specific Risk services to the International Business community. Creating intelligence based solutions to business risks in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas

Our Country Specific reports are packaged to allow our customers the flexibility of choice, choosing between:

Sentinel intelligence briefs  

A daily short brief on current issues as it happens with early warnings and travel alerts


Country Specific security reports         

Unique country specific political and security reports calculating ratings of turmoil and political risk

 Comprehensive country specific reports, calculating ratings of turmoil, political risk, and ratings to financial transfers, export markets and direct investments.

Regional specific reports              

This report is structured for companies and organizations with concentrated business interests, and includes country specific reports for all countries selected in a specific region.

 North and South America

 Middle East and North Africa

 Sub-Saharan Africa

 East Asia and the Pacific

 Western Europe

 Eastern Europe

 Central and South Asia

Note: All reports contain detailed mapping of current threats and analysis